History of Baltaci

The join stock Baltaci was founded in 1999, and in the same year it opened its first Baltaci Restaurant in Napajedla, where the seat of company Baltaci formally is.

The company currently owns and operates 2 restaurants: Restaurant Baltaci in Zlín, Restaurant Baltaci Napajedla, 3 hotels: Baltaci Atrium Hotel in Zlín, Baltaci U Náhonu Hotel also in Zlín and Baltaci Starý Zámek Hotel in near Napajedla, and 3 express restaurants – Bistros: Bistro Baltaci Zlín on Zarámí Street, Bistro Baltaci Tečovice and Bistro & Café Baltaci in hobby market Uni Hobby in Zlín-Louky.

A significant activity of the company is also the rental of real estate in Zlín and its surroundings.

Since August 2015, the company Baltaci became a founder of the Baltaci High School in Zlín – a school with a twenty-five-year tradition and a number of successful graduates.

In 2019, the Baltaci Catering Center in Tečovice was established. The main product became the large-scale production of meals and their delivery to company canteens in Zlín and its wider surroundings.

Almost 100 employees and a number of partner companies participate in all the mentioned activities.

As the time went by...

May 1999

Establishment of company Baltaci based in Napajedla.

Opening of the first Baltaci restaurant in Napajedla.


Opening of the three-star Baltaci U Náhonu Hotel*** in Zlín.

The Rybářská Bašta Restaurant in the building of the Baltaci Atrium Hotel welcomes its first guests.


Beginning of the construction of the only five-star hotel in Zlín region.

Completion and opening of the Baltaci Atrium Hotel***** in Zlín.


Opening of the first express restaurant in Zarámí, in the center of Zlín.

Baltaci Starý Zámek Guesthouse in Napajedla starts to operate with just 9 rooms.


The Hotel High School comes under the wings of the company.

Opening of the second express restaurant - Bistro in Malenovice at OC MAKRO.


Restaurant Baltaci Napajedla undergoes an interior change and changes its name to Baltaci Original Restaurant.

The Pilsen Restaurant changes its interior and name to the Prime beef steak restaurant.


Establishment of the Baltaci Catering Center in Tečovice and the third express restaurant - Bistro Tečovice is open.

Baltaci Starý Zámek Guesthouse increases the number of rooms from 9 to 15 and changes its classification from the Guesthouse to Hotel 3*.


Baltaci Atrium Hotel 5* reduces the classification to Hotel 4* Superior.

The Prime Beef restaurant changes its name and overall concept to the Restaurant Baltaci Zlín.


Restaurant Baltaci Napajedla gets a new coat - new interior, new three restaurant lounges including audiovisual equipment, new menu etc.

Starts a construction of an apartment building in Zarámí 4422.


Third express bistro and café opened in Uni Hobby market in Zlín - Louky.