Newly opened gym

9. 06. 2023

Our recently opened gym is already giving out drops of sweat and satisfaction.

Your healty way of life leads to the 3rd floor of the Baltaci Atrium Hotel, where you will be greeted by the fresh breeze of a modern gym. Your efforts, combined with perseverance, will guarantee your improvement and strengthening, both physically and mentally.

Technologies for more effective workout

At the heart of the gym facilities are state-of-the-art machines from 3D fitness.

Strength, endurance and flexibility – these are the three basic pillars that we help you build or improve with our machines: from cardiovascular – such as treadmill, indoor cycle, and rowing simulator, to arm and leg strength machines, multifunctional towers, total gym, dumbbells, kettlebells, powerbags, TRX system, etc.

Your comfort = still our priority

In order to experience the comfort of a hotel, you will also be provided with all-day drinks, fruit and towels in our gym. Ionic drinks or protein snacks will be available for purchase.
Among other things, we make sure that you do not feel cramped when exercising in our gym, which is why we limit the number of exercisers to a maximum of 6.

Benefits or why start with our gym

Workout is becoming an increasingly popular activity and more and more people are embracing the modern healthy lifestyle. Our gym is used by our guests, the general public, as well as the Fc Trinity Zlín footballers with their demanding strength training. If you do not like large and crowded gym, then our one meets your basic requirement and offers the right “shelter” for you.

Why should you use our gym?

Health and fitness
One of the main reasons to get started with fitness is to improve your health and fitness. Regular physical activity can reduce the risk of a number of chronic diseases, including heart disease, obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes.
Increase energy and vitality
Workout also has a positive effect on energy and vitality. Regular physical activity stimulates blood circulation, which means better oxygen delivery to tissues and organs, leading to increased energy, reduced fatigue and an improved overall sense of vitality.
Mental well-being
And let’s not forget to mention the effect on mental health. Exercise releases endorphins, the so-called happiness hormones, which improve mood and reduce stress. Regular physical activity can help reduce symptoms of depression, anxiety and stress, and improve overall mental wellbeing.

JUST LADIES… special regime for women only

If you belong to the fairer gender and you like to enjoy time just for yourself, e.g. with a girlfriend, then take advantage of the regular exercise regime JUST LADIES… i.e. our gym available only for women.

Dedicated days for you are Thursdays 14:00 – 19:00 and Sundays 8:00 – 13:00.

After your workout, don’t forget about a well-deserved recovery & relaxation

Every body, after a hard workout, craves a well-deserved rest. Take the opportunity to visit the hotel’s World of Saunas, which will warm up your muscles, relieve muscle tension and, most importantly, cleanse your body. The saunas are available in the Fitness area from 15:00 to 21:00. Each day a different sauna (either Finnish or steam) will be available. Please contact our reception for the latest information.

And if you crave a light meal, the Baltaci Zlín Restaurant on the ground floor of the hotel is the place to end your new ritual.

We believe we have convinced you.