Company Baltaci

We are a company with more than twentythree years of experiences in hotel field and hospitality industry.

We rely on quality services, raw materials and access to employees, customers and business partners. We run accommodation, catering and catering services in Zlín and in near Napajedla.

Our first unit was the Baltaci Restaurant in Napajedla in 1999. Napajedla city is also a seat of Baltaci company.

At present days, the company operates two restaurants, three hotels in Zlín and Napajedla and three express restaurants – Bistros in Zlín, Tečovice and in hobby market UNI HOBBY in Zlín-Louky.

A significant activity of the company is also the rental of real estate in Zlín and its surroundings.

The Baltaci High School in Zlín complements the company’s activities with education. Students find jobs in hospitality, hotel industry, IT and tourism.



We strive for first-class quality and approach to our customers, partners, employees and students

23 Years on the market
10.000 + Satisfied clients and customers
50+ Employees
400+ Graduates