Monaco tasting menu with Alessandro Burlenghi

8. 01. 2024

Enter the world of exceptional gastronomy and let yourself be tempted once again to an unforgettable gastronomic experience at Restaurant Baltaci Zlín.

Only on 24 January 2024 at 18.00 you will have the opportunity to taste a seven-course menu inspired by Monaco cuisine, prepared by chef Alessandro Burlenghi. Table reservations for the event are required in advance, so please visit our online reservation form or call +420 777 355 334.

Roaming the streets of the sunny Monaco

Alessandro Burlenghi

is a chef with 25 years of experience in top positions in the gastronomic sector, who is constantly winning well-deserved recognition for his culinary skills. As head chef at an unnamed high-profile villa in Monaco, he frequently hosts prominent personalities from the worlds of film, show business, the financial sector and politics.

Alessandro aims to deliver the best possible gastronomic experience with his own eye for detail and respect for local farm ingredients. Despite the successful restaurant operations he has opened in France, Montecarlo, the Czech Republic and America, he does not only focus on cooking, but also on marketing in the catering sector. Today, he is a major consultant in the world of modern catering, combining his passion for cooking with an expert perspective on gastronomy.

Symphony of taste from the first bite

An amouse bouche in the form of Café Paris herb-flavoured butter, to be enjoyed with a warm, crusty baguette, will introduce the tasting evening.

The second course will be the Salade Nicosie, full of contrasts and balanced flavours.

The third course gives the holt to the delicacy of the sea – crab. The Crab Velouté chili soup with the flavors of pastiche, carrot, radish, white wine, parsley and sea crab will impress many a seafood lover. Those who have had the opportunity to taste real crab meat in their lifetime will tell us that it is the love of a lifetime.

The earthiness of a truffle versus the distinctive marine flavour of octopus

Black truffles are typical of the Mediterranean region and are renowned for their distinctive earthy and mushroomy flavour. Combined with clarified butter, celery and crème fraîche, its uniqueness stands out in the form of the so-called Truffle Celery.

Thanks to Alessandro’s love for experimenting in combining ingredients as well as his innovative approaches in cooking, you will be able to enjoy as a fifth course, the Purple Octopus, which is one of the “highlights of the evening”. It is a sous-vide octopus served with beetroot, cauliflower, citrus gel and chilli chips.

Veal sirloin as the perfect end to savoury courses

The highlight of the evening will be Veal Sirloin & Topinambur Trilogy. The unusual igredience of Jerusalem artichokes, or “Jewish potatoes” or “Jerusalem artichokes” in the form of a ragout together with demi glace sauce, espuma and chips will be secondary to the delicately prepared tender veal.

The finale will be an original take on a classic dessert – Avocado Crème Brûlée. The combination of avocado, cream, egg yolk, coconut sugar and tonka bean will surprise you with its smoothness and unusual but refreshing combination of ingredients that you will love.

To enhance the taste experience even more

Once again, we turn to the experts at the Vinotheque U Pešatů, who will prepare a selection of French and Italian wines to enjoy with each course.

Ideal anniversary and birthday gift

A luxurious dinner will be a true experience that makes sense to enjoy with your loved one, close friends or as an opportunity for a first date.

And if you have someone who is a collector of gastronomic experiences, give them a voucher for the tasting evening, which they can use throughout the year. Our gastronomical calendar 2024 is just getting started…

We look forward to seeing you!

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