Winter Slovak tasting menu by Ivana Malecová

3. 11. 2023

The popular tasting evenings continue with further excursions into the secrets of world cuisines. For this time, we won’t go far. We will make a small December stop across the border in the Czech Republic with our Slovak brothers.

We are very happy to welcome a representative of the fairer sex among the chefs we will gradually introduce to you during the tasting evenings. Who else would better represent Slovakia than the finalist of Master Chef Czech Republic 2022, the likeable Slovak Ivana Malecová.

You can look forward to her delicate Slovak variations in a modern concept only on Wednesday 6 December 2023 at 18:00 in Restaurant Baltaci Zlín.

Due to the limited number of seats for this event, we recommend booking your seats today by calling +420 777 355 334 or via the booking form below. It doesn’t pay to wait…

Mrs. Ivana Malecová

The uncrowned queen of gnocchi, finalist of the sixth season of Master Chef Czechia, a funny and likable native of Slovakia living in Brno, has been inclined to cooking and baking since she was a child.

Her passion and love for cooking turned into a professional level, which allowed her to participate in the Master Chef Czech Republic gastronomy competition in 2022, where she finished in a beautiful 7th place and thus fulfilled her dream – to pursue gastronomy to the fullest.

Ivka, as she is familiarly nicknamed, does not deny her Slovak temperament, which is also reflected in her cooking, where she focuses mainly on traditional Slovak recipes and the use of traditional ingredients in a modern concept.

There are no limits to creativity in cooking either…

When lightning falls over the Tatra Mountains

The seven-course tasting menu will be grandly introduced by an Espuma of confit onions with butter croutons, followed by Pickled smoked parenica with roasted garlic and chips. Traditional sheep’s cheese will be marinated for three weeks in the distinctive flavours of garlic, chilli, onion and roasted wild spices to warm you body and soul for the occasion.

The playful combination of flavours can be experienced in the traditional Slovak dish Holubky, made from minced pork cheeks wrapped in cabbage and unconventionally in the diaphragm.

When the dew turns to frost

The fourth course is a neglected Slovak delicacy – a distinctive bryndza soup Demikát. The origin of its name is still a mystery…

Crispy slovak traditional sheep cheese from the north of Slovakia combined with fermented radish will contrast beautifully with the delicacy of roasted-juniper mayonnaise. Thanks to the slow fermentation process, the intense acidity of the radish is achieved.

The modern Beef fillet steak (Bratislava) made with dumplings and onion dust, prepared sous-vide, will ensure perfect tenderness and the desired pink colour of the meat, which will melt on the tongue after five hours of slow cooking.

Dessert that gets the blood pumping

As a delicate end to the seven-course menu and a sweet spot at the end, you will taste a wintry combination of curd cheese, plum, Slovak Slivovitz and marzipan.

We couldn’t imagine a better end to a Slovakian-style evening!

Modern drinks with a Slovak accent, prepared for you by our great restaurant staff, will also add to the perfect authenticity.

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Our 2024 gastro calendar offers wonderful opportunities for extraordinary tasting experiences.

Be tempted…

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