Bistros Baltaci

Express restaurant - Bistro Baltaci was established as a quick alternative to lunch meals for employees of companies that do not have a company canteen. Over the last 10 years, Baltaci has built express Bistros Baltaci in Zlín on Zarámí street, and in Tečovice.

An alternative if you want to eat quickly...

Quality lunch menu every working day of the week. We save your time by quickly serving quality food. If you want to eat well, quickly and especially at an affordable price, then express Bistros Baltaci are the right choice for you!

Bistro Zlín

Zlín, Zarámí 4422

Baltaci’s oldest express restaurant is Bistro Baltaci Zlín in the center of Zlín on Zarámí Street.

Bistro Zlín
Zarámí 4422
760 01 Zlín
Tel. No.: +420 778 486 709

Opening hours: MON – FRI 10:30 – 14:30

Bistro Tečovice

Tečovice 426

The second express restaurant is Bistro Baltaci Tečovice in the former JZD complex.

Bistro Tečovice
Tečovice 426
763 02 Tečovice
Tel. No.: 420 775 882 082

Opening hours: MON – FRI  10:30 – 13:00