Tasting Menu in the Mediterranean

14. 04. 2023

Mediterranean cuisine stands out for its lightness and freshness. Its abundant flavour variations inspired chef Michal Buček to create a novel five-course menu that combines southern flavours with the most popular Czech spring vegetable – asparagus.

The tasting dinner “A WHIFF OF THE MEDITERRANEAN” will take place at the Baltaci Zlín Restaurant only on 16 May 2023 from 6.00 p.m.

Table reservations are required for this event, so we recommend reserving your table today.

Michal Buček, a medially well-known chef, is a master chef who regularly convinces viewers of the CT1 Good Morning show of his talent and love for gastronomy.

The Mediterranean tasting menu again showcases his innovative style in combining ingredients, flavours and spices.

This time it is a unique menu with an asparagus accent.

This traditional spring vegetable with a delicate and delicious taste is a popular delicacy not only in the Mediterranean countries.

The uniqueness of this vegetable also lies in its ephemerality. You have the unique opportunity to enjoy this exceptional delicacy only in spring.

The fact that asparagus excels in combination with quality beef and lamb is a well-known fact, but the Italians, who use this unusual combination in their cuisine, know that it goes well with langoustines.

The texture of asparagus is also ideal for creamy soups, so the asparagus velouté could not be missing from this menu.

The whole menu will be finished with a sweet spot in the form of pistachio panna cotta. Pistachios, abundantly cultivated mainly in Sicily, will add the right touch to this light dessert.


And as always, you will be offered wine paired with wines from the Wine Shop Pesat for dinner. Many years of experience and knowledge of their owners guarantee a guaranteed quality wine selection.

In order to experience an authentic atmosphere with a touch of the Mediterranean, there will be decorations and music to complete the experience.

If you don’t want to miss this unique opportunity to be part of the next experiential event of our restaurant, please accept our cordial invitation.

Reservations can be made using our online form or by calling +420 777 355 334.

We look forward to seeing you on the beach by the Mediterranean Sea!



The VOUCHER FOR TASTING MENU, which you can find in the permanent gift vouchers offer, can also be redeemed for this evening.

If you are looking for an original gift for your loved ones, give an experience in the form of a novel, original tasting evening according to personal preferences.

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