New menu of Baltaci Zlin restaurant

2. 10. 2022

The change of season also requires a change in the dishes we offer in our permanent offer.

The atmosphere of cold days encourages you to visit your favourite restaurant. Wrap yourself in the flavours of our new menu with a hint of autumn.

Our new menu radiates warmth, which is needed in these colder days.

The new menu, designed by our invited chef Michal Bucek, is intended to be enjoyed not only by lovers of quality steaks and poultry but also by vegetarians.

In case you are hearing the name Michal Bucek for the first time, let us briefly introduce the chef.

During his culinary experience, he worked in the kitchen of the Hilton Prague 5* hotel, the Cloud 9 sky bar & lounge and the Kingscourt 5* hotel. He gained most of his experience in the restaurant of Serbian chef and owner Miralem Arapovic, who gave him all of his skills.

ONE STEAK – NUMEROUS COMBINATIONS The variations of kinds of butter, sauces and side dishes will offer you a completely different palette of flavours on every visit, which every MIGNON STEAK admirer will appreciate.

In case you are in the mood for a lighter type of dinner, the Juicy Salmon with sweet potato puree is perfect for you.

Restaurant Baltaci Zlin in connection with chef Michal BuCek.

TYPICALLY CZECH roast duck with cabbage, Carlsbad dumplings and thyme jus will delight many a classic. Those who want to choose pesto, salad or reach for beef carpaccio will also find it to their liking.

Welcome autumn with delicious comfort food, which you can look forward to in the coming days.

For the table reservation call +420 777 355 334 or visit our online form.

We look forward to your visit.