French Tasting evening at Restaurant Baltaci Zlín

24. 05. 2023

Throughout history, French cuisine has ranked at the top of the pyramid of world gastronomy, which is why it must not be missing on our diverse journey through the various corners of culinary cultures worldwide.

The Tasting Evening “Dîner en France” will take place on June 15th at 6.00 p.m. at Baltaci Restaurant Zlin, where Chef Ladislav Jakoubek will prepare a five-course menu that will carry us over to a romantic scene straight out of a French movie, accompanied by the melodies of chansons and specially paired wines.

Table reservation is necessary for the tasting evenings, so visit our online reservation form or call +420 777 355 334.

Chef Ladislav Jakoubek, the Gustave Eiffel of the culinary world, has a rich professional history, with his notable long-term experience in the kitchen of Prague Castle.

His expertise gained from working at the renowned Art Nouveau French restaurant in Prague will also be valuable for our evening.

Don’t hesitate and experience firsthand what it’s like to eat like a president.

The menu will take you through French delicacies, starting with fresh Oysters Fine de Claire. This is followed by Beetroot Carpaccio accompanied by tasty Goat Cheese.

The night will continue with a delicacy of Pilgrim´s Shell.

As the third tasting course, we will sample the renowned Snail Stew – an authentic French delicacy.

The main course will be prepared by using the Sous-Vide technique, featuring Veal Tenderloin with gratin potatoes and vegetables prepared using the special culinary technique called “brunoise.” The dish is accompanied by a sauce made from a typical French delicacy – truffles.

And if you want to conclude the experience of the whole menu “in the French style,” you can look forward to fluffy Profiteroles filled with caramel cream and topped with chocolate sauce.

We cannot forget about the wine pairing, which we bring to you in collaboration with Pesat Winery.

Masters of their craft, passionate winemakers, and suppliers of only the finest wines from all corners of the world..

French cuisine without wine is like a king without a crown.

A luxurious dinner will be a true experience worth enjoying with your loved one, close friends, or as an opportunity for a first date.

And if you have someone in your surroundings who is a collector of gastronomic experiences, consider gifting them a voucher that they can use for an evening filled with French delicacies.

Discover the Flavors of the World with Baltaci.

Tasting Menu “Dînner en France”.

Table reservation is necessary for the tasting evenings, so visit our online reservation form or call +420 777 355 334.

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